This is a collection of my personal games work. Largely these are short-run game jam projects.
Google Play
Glorious Trainwrecks
Ludum Dare

Jam Games

Candy King

Multiplayer Android party game. Grab as much candy as you can from the bowl and fling bad candies at other players!
Made in 72 hours for the Candy Jam.
Candy King on Google Play


I am available for freelance translation work between German and English, with a specialization in software, particularly mobile apps and games! Whether you just need a translation or advice on best practices for making your game translatable and integrating translations into it, I'll be happy to assist with your needs.

Get in touch at, on ProZ or Twitter @ektoutie!


2014: Sebson, freelance

4,000 words. Home electronics web store. German to English website text and item names and descriptions.

2013: 12Gaming, freelance

10,000 words. Online gaming site. English to German game text, instructions and rules.

2012: CapturaTalk, freelance

10,000 words. Android assistive app for users with impaired vision. English to German in-app text and help functionality.
Stellar Dawn

2008-2009: Stellar Dawn, Jagex Games Studio (unreleased)

In-game dialogue and narrative lore text.

2008-2009: FunOrb, Jagex Games Studio

Ongoing translation and localization testing including in-game and website text, voiceover and other marketing materials.

2006-2009: RuneScape, Jagex Games Studio

Large amounts of dialogue and narrative lore text. Long-term ongoing translation and localization testing including in-game and website text and various marketing materials.

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